Pain Solutions Network: Psychology Program/ Group Sessions– Relapse prevention Program

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1. At a post-discharge group session ( 4 weeks post discharge), patients continue to apply pain management skills in a variety of life situations.

2. Patients assist each other in applying pain management skills through support and problem solving.

3. Patients are supported/reinforced by peers and staff for continued use of pain management skills.

4. The topic areas covered by each group session will generally include pain management skills as identified below under ” concepts,” selection of the specific areas from this list will depend on that group’s needs, as identified by both the Health Psychologist and group members.

5. Over the course of the group sessions, all topic areas will be covered.

1. Review of pain management/self regulation skills, including problem solving, communication/social skills, relaxation, cognitive restructuring and attention-diversion techniques.

2. Application of these skills on an as needed basis to situations elicited from group members.

3. Use of others in group is useful for support and problem-solving.

4. Major emphasis is on the integration of pain management skills ( e.g. Assertive communication is essential to pacing, etc)


1. Patients demonstrate their understanding of and ability to use pain management skills in specific situations which occur in their activities of daily living.

2. Patients actively participate in all group discussions and complete all homework assignments.


1. Depending on the needs of the specific group, handouts may include various self-report inventories covering topics of assertion, stress management, cognitive styles, and problem solving techniques.  Handouts may also be more informational, as supplements to information given to patients in the 20 day pain management program.

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